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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Witchy Socks

I'm not really a Halloween person. I mean, I like it - I like costumes and I put way too much love into my pumpkin carving, but some people just go nuts for Halloween. I don't decorate, I really don't care for most candies (if anyone steals my mini Coffee Crisps though, I'll cut a bitch - that is my seasonal gluttony-fest). That said, I'm sure as shooting going to be wearing stripy Halloween socks this year!

I won a gorgeous skein of Vesper in Witchy Woman in the spring, knit it up over the summer, and these have been my go-to socks as the weather has attempted to cool. I improvised a slipped stitch pinstripe pattern, which was fun to knit, but honestly didn't improve the look of the socks. Next time I do stripeys they'll be plain vanilla. Aren't they cute though! They match!

To be completely honest, I'm not terribly happy with the yarn. Vesper is so popular, but it's really not great for socks. It's a lighter fingering weight 100% merino, and my socks are already looking pretty fuzzy and sad. There are amazing dyers of striping yarns out there that work with brawnier yarn bases, so I'll likely be going to them for my next fancy stripy skein. Still, I love the way these look and I'll wear them til they're ragged!

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