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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Enabling: Maria Elena Bliss Needle Case

I won this adorable needle case from the Knit Girllls podcast this summer, and I wanted to show you all how cute it is!

The case came from Maria Elena Bliss, who has a sweet little shop on Etsy. It's hand made, and is sturdy as heck.

The outside is quilted, which gives the case lots of body and helps make it feel like it can put up with my abuses. It has loads of clear vinyl slots for interchangeable needle tips, or in my case, DPN's. My entire DPN collection fits in this thing! I also have my fixed circular needles and a needle gauge in the zipper pocket.

There are two loops to hold things that attach to loops... I don't know, scissors or something? Anyway, they're nicely in there and have snaps.

There are just so many cute details in this case - look at that wee zipper pull!

I think my only complaint about the bag is that the pockets in the vinyl aren't in ascending size order. They're close, but the bag is handmade, so there are little imperfections in the sewing. Meh. It's adorable and that more than makes up for it.

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