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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Christmas Time is (almost) Here

Do you like to make gifts rather than buy them? I do - not only do I feel I can inject a bit more love and personalization into gifts I make, I also get to justify the expenditures that go into my creative pursuits throughout the year. I really couldn't afford to spend as much time and money as I do on my crafty endeavours if I were to keep all the finished products for myself. I also love forcing myself to learn new skills so I can make gifts that people might actually appreciate. This isn't to say that I think the things I make are universally loved or appreciated, but I hope, at least, that people don't mind them.

Unfortunately, it is already August and I am only just starting this year's gifty goodness. Add several babies due in the fall (who obviously need presents) to the mix, and I think I can fairly accurately sum up my craft schedule for the next few months in two words. I'm Screwed.

Because I need to spend all my free time making presents, I am blogging (wait... what?). My favourite project in last year's Christmas haul went to my brother in law. I think you need to see it.

I hadn't cross stitched in years (not since the saccharine sweet teddy bear and pony motifs of the summer of '91) and I had a blast making this.

The pattern was shared ages ago by The Domestic Scientist. Isn't it the cutest bit of gamer kitsch you've seen in ages? I still can't get over all the adorable-ness of it all.

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