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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Something to Show


I've been more than a little absent from blogland lately. Sorry. Like I said last post, Christmas presents kinda kick my ass time-wise, but I really love making them so I let the non-essentials slide. Yep, blogging is a non-essential. Unless it starts making me money that is; then I will blog till my fingers are blistered and my brain is empty.

Another problem with spending most of my creative time on presents is that I can't show them off when they are finished. It's terrible - I'm really proud of a few of the things I have made (6 completed items so far!) but right now it's all a big secret in case someone stumbles across their future gift.

One present that I am able share is a part of my sister in law K's Christmas present. She is on a mission for the LDS church right now and is therefore unable to see most of the interwebs, including this bloggy backwater. K is awesome. I don't know if she knows I think that - I guess I should write her and tell her. She's a really cool person and I wish I knew her better. She is a fantastic artist, and all the artists I've ever met need sketchbooks, so I made a book cover for her.

Isn't the fabric fabulous? I bought it from Fabricworm - beware, if you follow the link you may experience multiple fabric-gasms. Their selection of quilting fabric is toe curling. Oh and the prices are good and shipping is really fast, should you choose to consummate your newfound textile relationship.

Ok I'm going to stop comparing online fabric shopping to sex now. I'm neither as lonely nor as creepy as I sound.

And, because I know you still want to get into my head, even after the fabric/sex thing, I thought I'd share my post-design notes for this project with you. This isn't your grandmother's hand-holdy tutorial, beware.

You need:
  • Fabric - I used 2 different fabrics but I don't care what you do. Well, I care in the sense that I think it's nice that you'd consider taking inspiration from something I made, but I'm not going to be hurt if you don't listen to what I tell you to do.
  • Coordinating extra-wide double-fold bias tape.
  • Clear vinyl. I used a bag that some baby thing-or-other was packaged in.
  • EZfelt. It's a stiff felt-like stuff made of recycled plastics. I got it at Michaels.
  • Fusible web (non-woven double sided heat fusible interfacing).
  • Thread and stuff.
Ok, this is all you get. Use the pictures above, and your imagination, to get a finished product that suits your needs. I wrote this down so I would remember what to do if I want to make another one of these bad boys - my original notes were on a scrap of EZfelt.

My brain is considerably messier than my notebook.


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