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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Miss Chatelaine

I've been a very enthusiastic sweater knitter this year. I recently finished another - the Chatelaine cardigan by Glenna C. The pattern is fantastic - well written, easy to make, and easy to wear. I particularly like that it had some ease worked into the sleeve width - modern knitwear styling calls for very snug sleeves which is all very well if you don't have upper arms that flap in the breeze. For once I didn't have to modify for sleeve width!

I used Berocco Vintage DK in a slightly yellowy grassy green colourway. I loved this yarn, so, so much. I'll give the sweater a few more wears before I officially have a verdict on durability (it's very soft so my guess is it pills a fair bit and should be hand washed regardless of what the label says), but thus far it is my go-to budget DK sweater option. It's an acrylic/nylon/wool blend - wait, don't leave! - it feels like a lovely soft superwash wool. It doesn't squeak or feel overly hot. It has a bit of sproing and holds its shape nicely, the yardage to weight ratio is fantastic, and it is CHEAP. Too many self professed yarn snobs privilege high price, softness, and popularity over actual yarn-project suitability, but I am very picky and I know my fibres and yarn structures. Vintage DK is an amazing superwash yarn for its very low price. I personally don't mind reasonable pilling because, well, soft yarns pill. All of them. Get a sweater shaver and suck it up, princess.

My mods to the sweater were all for fit - I made the bottom of the sweater in a 3x, went down a size via the waist shaping, and down to a 1x in the armhole and neckline decreases. I also lowered the neckline an inch or two. It's a shame I forgot to shorten the sleeves because they're way too long, but I'll enjoy how cozy they are come rainy season. All in all I am happy with the personalized fit, and I can't wait for cool weather so I can wear it!

The stitch pattern was very easy to do, and looks fantastic from up close and far away. To wit - a picture of my boob. I swear to god I can't get Jake to take a normal picture. I ask for a detail shot of the stitch pattern and I get a picture of the curvature of my bosom. I know it's impressive, but...

Also - the buttons are beautiful - they look like malachite (but were $1.20 each so I'm guessing plastic) and they're seated in copper (ish) which adds a pop of contrast.

Yay sweater!



  1. em! you are on FIRE! I love it looks great! Perfect for fall! xoxo

  2. gorgeous! extra points for rhyming "sleeve" and "breeze". I completely agree on the yarn... no one does acrylic like Berocco!

  3. Wow, I LOVE this sweater and all your fit mods! Those buttons are soooo perfect, too.

  4. I'm envious of your ability to produce so many grownup lady sized sweaters! And where did the beautiful buttons come from?

    1. I got the buttons at the Button and Needlework Boutique in downtown Victoria. They're in the tubes, rather than the expensive ones on the cards. Love that shop.