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Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 Goals: Real Life edition

Fair warning - I doubt this post will have any crafting content at all! It's all about me me me today. I want to share my real life goals for 2013 with you all, in hopes that owning them publicly keeps me accountable (read: shames me into doing what I think is best for me). I'm a contrary creature by nature, and therefore, have a strong urge to rebel against typical resolution-making. No weight loss. No organizing. Just real life goals for a realistic me.


  • Read.
I have this enormous spreadsheet titled "Books I Own But Haven't Read." It's over 50 entries long, and doesn't even include the books Jake brought into our home when we moved in together that I haven't read (probably another 75). So as an addition to the whole "read more books" goal, I have a "please, for the love of all things clutter-free, stop buying books - yes, even used books - until you've read some."
  • Train the dog.
Loki is a sweet, loving dog, but he's a little jerk. Part of it is puppyish enthusiasm (he's only 6 months old, after all), but he's picked up some naughty habits. Because I didn't socialize him with dogs enough, he's a little bastard if we meet another pup on our walks. He desperately tries to smother every person he meets in jumping, barking, slobbery love, generally while peeing on their shoes. Alarm barking is in his breed's nature, but there are limits to what I can stand. He needs to behave better on and off leash in public spaces. He's my dog, primarily, so these things are my problem.
  • Get my goddamn drivers license.
I know I keep saying I'll do this, and then I don't, but seriously. I don't really like the idea of driving, but it would be bloody convenient. I think the graduated licensing program has been putting me off. It's hard to motivate myself to get a learners' permit when it means I still won't be allowed to drive without a responsible adult in the passenger seat for a whole year. But my ID has expired, so it's time.
  • Address some ongoing health issues.
My own mental and physical health is becoming a priority for me so I'm going to get on top of this. I'll let you know if anything interesting comes up. Whole homemade foods, lots of sleep, dog walking (for my sanity and his), being kinder but also a bit more strict with myself, and spending quality time with husband, child, and pets will all help, as will my excellent doctor.
  • Save up more moneys!
I really want us to be able to buy a house some day. The thing that really stands in our way is a down payment. 20% of a half-decent house in this town is about $80k, though it's dramatically less if you go farther afield. Apparently living in a gorgeous city surrounded by ocean, with a decent economy, good schools, clean air, pleasant politics, and mild weather is expensive. Who knew? I'm going to try to put 10% in savings again this year, as well as treat the budget I have set more like rules and less like guidelines.
  • Better self care.
Now, this has very little to do with health. I'm talking about doing makeup, getting regular haircuts, keeping the roots at bay, and dressing in a way that makes me feel happy and confident. I'm tired of looking like a tired mom/underside of rock dweller. I don't mind looking like a freak, or being super butch one day and totally girly the next, but I want to feel like I've tried.
  • Keep growing my dyeing business.
I'm not sure how, and I don't have specific plans, but growth and ambition go hand in hand. I want harder work and higher profits. Seems reasonable.
  • Do fun things with the family.
Day trips, camping, swimming, picnics, sailing, going to the fair, whatever. Also fun non-summer things that I can't think of right now.

Well, that will have to do! Hopefully I do better this year than last year. That would be nice. Wish me luck and determination!

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