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Friday, January 27, 2012

Everything Old Shop Update - Lace and Gradients

The update today is fabulous, if I do say so myself. I've got a new wool in stock: Wensleydale! It's dyed in smooth gradients, perfect for spinning into lace weight and knitting beautiful shawls!

"Rococo" Just so you know - if you don't buy this one, I'm keeping it for myself!
"There and Back Again"
Also, superwash Blue Faced Leicester in sock gradients. The roving is folded in half when it's dyed, giving you two equal gradients to play with - perfect for navajo plying and knitting into socks or mitts!

"Year of the Dragon"
"Rose Garden"
And for the non-spinners - laceweight! I absolutely LOVE this base - Stratus has 875 yards per 100g skein, and the superwash merino sucks up colour like you wouldn't believe.

"Beautiful Briny Sea"
"Radioactive Raspberry"


  1. Oooh those gradients make me wish I could spin!

  2. Ok Em, you need to STOP showing photos of those gorgeous braids! I don't spin, but am seriously tempted to try again whenever I see your fiber!!

    And I must say, I always drool whenever I see Malachite. I think in the future a cardigan must be made using that colourway!! Consider yourself forewarned! ;)