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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stash Enhancement

So I've been growing my stash (not my 'stache - movember isn't my thing) this month. It wasn't really intentional - sometimes something comes along that is just too awesome to pass up. Like this pile of yarn:

I got these lovelies in a free destash. Free. I'm so grateful to my friend Ursa of the Pagan Knitter Podacst for sharing her good taste with everyone at knit night. Seriously! This is what she gets rid of! Her actual for-keeps stash is killer, and if I were her I'd be hard pressed not to take it all out and roll in it.

Dana, of Unwind Yarn Company, sent me this, a month ago. Customs likely held it up, and then I think it sat on the post office floor somewhere, being kicked and rubbed with dirt. It took exactly a month to get to me. And the wait was so, SO worth it.

That's 4.2 ounces of her swirl BFL top, in Sugar Maple. I got it when she was running a coupon code through her podcast, Just One More Row. You know who's doing that this month? Me. Awesome sale included. Check it out.

Late last month Mum and I attended the Cowichan Fleece and Fibre Festival in Duncan, which is a smallish town bit north of here. I brought a fair bit of money, and spent it all. But I brought home over 9 pounds of fleece. Look at it all!

To get an idea of how big that large bag of raw Romney fleece is, consider that the huge hand dyed skein of fibre there is about three times the size of my head. I desperately need to get to washing that fleece. I think it's going to be stunning.

Well, that's all folks (I think... No, wait, actually there's more but you don't need to see it, because if I don't blog it, then I don't have to admit to it. Right?). Have you been stashing yarn and fibre much lately? I think I might be preparing for some sort of wooly hibernation. And that's OK by me.


  1. Whee! I'm so glad the fiber finally got to you! I can't wait to see what you make with it! :)

    Actually I want to see pictures of ALL THE THINGS that you make with all of this stash enhancement. So quit dyeing yarn already and start knitting and spinning! ;) (j/k)

  2. Your wish is my command lady, I'm done with dyeing for the day, and now it is time to do some spinning! I'm going to tackle that enormous pile of orange, yellow, and brown Romney in that last pic there.