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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Handspun Finn - a New Favourite

My latest finished spinning was a 6.2 ounce braid of Finn wool that I dyed myself, in my Fangorn Colourway. This was the top, before I spun it:

And this is what it looks like now:

The Finn was lovely to work with. It's very soft and smooth, but it spins very easily. It's like getting a Merino result from a Corriedale spinning experience. It is definitely going on my "favourite wools" list.

It's a very puffy worsted to aran weight. At 395 yards, it isn't enough for Jared Flood's Juneberry Triangle shawl, which is the project I had in mind for it. It was nearly long enough, but then I washed it and Fwoop! It got about twice as fat and lost about 30 yards of length.

If you want to know what a 6.2 ounce skein of yarn that has gone Fwoop! looks like, consider the following picture. That is a 100g skein of sock yarn, for comparison.

It looks big. That's how it looks.


  1. I think it looks perfect for a cowl! yum!!

  2. a very good reminder to wash handspun yarn BEFORE you do your final yardage count. :) now if i could just take my own advice!

    your work is gorgeous, by the way!