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Monday, October 24, 2011

Everything Old Update: Introducing Self Striping Sock Yarn!!

That's right, I've been bitten by the self-striping bug. And you should be too.

You know you want them. Because self striping yarn takes a bit more time to dye and prepare, and there is only one of me, I'm going to be doing fairly limited quantities of these beauties, at least at first while I streamline the process. Get them while I've got them!

My experiment in tie-dye, Fairy Lights, continues to be in demand, so there is no new stock going into the shop as it all got pre-ordered. Would you like some pretty speckled festive yarn? Contact me through my shop, and I'll set some aside just for you.

This is Fairy Lights, which definitely needs pre-ordering.

This is Christmas Lights, a holiday exclusive, and I will be making a skein or two very soon. I recommend pre-ordering this one too - it goes quickly!

This is Rebel Girl - I posted one skein of this today, so get it while you can! After that, pre-ordering is your only guarantee that someone won't snag it first.

 This here is Starry Night, and I love it. There's still one in the shop, and I think I'll be dyeing more again soon.

Thanks folks!

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