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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Knitting Patterns for Famine Relief

Hi Knitters!

One of my favourite Ravelry groups is tallying members' donations towards famine relief right now. We'll be doing a raffle and everything. I think you'd have to live under a very comfortable, privileged rock these days to be unaware of the horrific suffering and death caused by the Horn of Africa droughts. Violence continues to escalate as Somalian refugees flee their homes and farms, travelling for days in search of food. Livelihoods are lost, possibly forever. Children are dying of hunger. It's something I can't even fathom, having never been faced with famine. There was one short time in my easy life when money and work was short and food was a little scarce and unvaried, but I wasn't ever in any danger. Ever. And now, even though I live like a queen compared to these refugees, these people who are dying for lack of something I've never had to go without, I don't have enough money to save them.

Because even a little bit helps, I'm going to be donating half of my pattern sales to Doctors Without Borders for the rest of the month. It's not much, but it's what I can do right now. Please, if you have $3.50 and you've been looking for your next knitting project, consider making it one of mine. If you have $3.50 but you don't need a new pattern, please just ignore me, haul ass to the Doctors without Borders site, and donate it all. I know we can't save the world with such little donations, but maybe we can ease the pressure a tiny bit.

My Rav group, LSG, has raised over $500 in the past 5 days. I'll be adding my bit to that at the end of September.

So here are my patterns, found in my Ravelry pattern store, and keep an eye out for any new patterns, which will also be included.

 The Stella Cowl - 2 versions of this modern, cozy winter accessory, knit in the round using basic stranded colourwork.

The King's College Cowl - lacy, beaded, and beautiful. My most popular pattern!

Birdie - A cute little jumper in 5 sizes for girls 2 - 6 years old. It's a fun knit, with adorable results!

Thanks for reading, and for giving even a little bit.

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