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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Finally Some Knitting! The Leyburn Socks

I finally got a bit of me me and only me time, now that the big fibre day has passed. Like any good yarn addict who has spent enough time with yarn and fibre over the past month to never want to see any of it again, I grabbed some yarn and got to work.

I've been working on my Leyburn socks since June, which is ages for me. I like to get a pair of socks done in a week or two, because I love the feel of brand new socks on my feet. You know how in the movie Amelie the titular character likes to dip her fingers into sacks of grain? No? Well anyway, I'm just like that with new socks. It's a visceral, satisfying thing and I am not ashamed.

Perhaps only sock knitters are aware of the tremendous, wobbly acrobatics required to get a halfway decent picture of one's feet.

I'm just glad people can't see into our yard as I wave my backside about, bent double with my pants rolled past my knees, photographing my socks.

Because the slipped stitch pattern isn't terribly stretchy, and because I added width so my cankles could breathe, the socks look totally out of proportion. They fit perfectly, however, and that's what counts.

The yarn is Koigu KPPPM, and it was a treat to work with. It's actually the yarn in my blog banner - the stuff just loves to be photographed. I'm concerned that it won't stand up to much wear, but I'm trying to remain optimistic.

I also finished the first Christmas present of the year, but of course I can't show it off for several months. Suffice it to say that I think it's awesome.

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