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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Links: My Favourite Crafty Resources


This Wednesday I though it might be nice to share some of my most visited craft resources. There are loads of fantastic sites that help me get ideas about what to make, but these are the ones that help with how to make it (and they do it for free). Obviously my list is a little knitting-centric, but so am I.

Get the links after the jump! (or if you're clever, suss them out from the pictures...)

  1. ColourLovers is an amazing resource for anyone who uses colour. I use it to get dyeing ideas out of my head and onto the yarn, but it would work just as well as a means of picking paint colours or choosing quilting fabrics. This site is set above its peers by an impressive community from which to draw inspiration.
  2. Knitting Help taught me to knit. Not my grandma, not my maiden aunt; Knitting Help. I learned almost everything I know, especially about the basics, from this website, and I'm a damn good knitter if I do say so myself. You can be too! And they have an app, for all you iPeople.
  3. The Graphics Fairy is awesome - she has developed an enormous database of free, vintage (and in the public domain) images that are easily searched for just about any thing you might need.
  4. This knitting chart maker is simple to use and gives you a huge number of options considering that it is free. Just take a screen shot of your finished product and you're good to go.
  5. Print What You Like allows you to do exactly that. Enter a web address, click on the ads and sidebars to remove them and easily print only the content you want. Enjoy! It's particularly good for printing patterns from older issues of Knitty and other web based pattern sources.
I hope that you're able to get as much use out of these amazing free resources as I am.

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