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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Latest Handspun; and the Pains of Spinning Wheel Limbo

So I've really been enjoying the journey of learning to spin. I've taken the same approach with it as with knitting - every project MUST introduce something new to my arsenal. My first skein was a leap into the deep end - from no skills, to... some.I have come to  a point now where I feel confident - not that I am an excellent spinner, but that I have the capacity to become one. I just need a few years of practice.

This is my most recent: 189 yards, superwash merino, worsted weight, chain plied. The fibre was Gaia's Colours Sunna Top, in the Firefly colourway. She has closed down her shop now, but I recommend snapping up a little something from her Etsy shop before it's gone too.

In the skein

It's pretty even and yarnlike! Go me!

The lime green bits were fantastic to spin - very energizing!
So what do you think? It's decent eh?

My next real spinning adventure will be on the spinning wheel. I ordered a Fricke S 160 ST, and it's at my in-laws' house. In Seattle. Which is across the ocean (a small bit of ocean is still a big obstacle). I'm not picking it up 'til we visit in late May. I've never been good at waiting, but this is just obscene. I know it was worth it to have it delivered there - free shipping and no enormous customs and brokerage fees are one of the reasons I was able to afford this thing in the first place. All the same, I miss it and we haven't even met yet. /Pout.

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