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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Links: Circular Reasoning

I like circles. Need an awesome abstract painting? Grab some acrylics and slap a few circles on a canvas. Circles have all sorts of meanings in art: completion, balance, deity, the cosmos, journeys, and, you know, the lady bits. What's not to like? I recently realized that a large number of the tutorial links I've collected feature some sort of circle-y theme. This either suggests that I'm in the midst of a feminine spiritual awakening, or that I am a lazy abstract painter. Your choice.

Get the links, post jump...

  1. Connect the dot pillows are the perfect high-impact, low difficulty, home embroidery project. I think when I get around to making these, I'll do some circles of negative space within the french knot circles.
  2. I love the combination of modern and traditional aesthetics in this circular appliqued mini quilt.
  3. These throw pillows show off your fabrics beautifully. Don't need pillows? The tutorial for the quilt block is awesome just on its own.
  4. A little felt beach ball! I don't know what I would use it for yet, but I must make one.
  5. Turn a globe into a crazy cool chalkboard. It would make a great teaching tool.
Well, see you 'round!

Ha. Ha. Ha.

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  1. spheres are my thing... collect em, mosaic em, felt em, sculpt em......