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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Links - Pixel Power

Ah 8 bit gaming. Geeks who remember the 80's are waxing nostalgic all over the internet about the good old days. The days when your favourite game characters consisted of about 20 pixels, could be piloted with 5 buttons or less, and went boop... boop... boop when they walked. Geek craft is thriving. Conveniently, the square pixel lends itself well to crafting: cross stitch, quilting, crochet, perler beads, knitting and so many other crafts are built on square(ish) blocks.

Here are my favourite pixelated craft tutorial treasures.

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  1. Perler beads make sweet Mario coasters! I've seen these all over the interwebs and I am really wishing I had kept my perler stuff from the early 90's. I might have to treat myself to some kids crafting supplies...
  2. Knit some 1Up mittens with this easy pattern in both English and Swedish. See them on Ravelry - talented designer eh?
  3. Awww! Link some love to your princess with this Zelda cross stitch pattern.
  4. Learn how to make the motifs for this geek-tastic Mario quilt.
  5. How about a photo tutorial for tasty AND adorable Space Invaders cookies? Yes please.

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