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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Exciting News!

I have three news items for you:

1. Expect some super tutorials in the next week or so. I just need some time with the baby out of my hair, and nap time's not cutting it. I need to make some noise! Prepare to crack out the sewing machine, do some clever upcycling, and make something sweet for the little girl in your life! Go ahead and follow this blog through Blogger, or follow me on Twitter for instant updates.

2. I am really proud of myself - I am becoming a competent spinner! Have a look at this beauty! I'm good at this. I'm getting exponentially better. My handspun yarn is awesome.

The pink ply is hand dyed by yours truly

 3. Like that there yarn? Interested in having some yourself? THERE IS AN EVERYTHING OLD SHOP IN THE WORKS!! I'm in the business plan/research/make-sure-it's-all-legal-and-whatnot stage right now, but things are advancing quickly. There will be updates when there are updates. Stay tuned!

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