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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's Mine... My Birthday Present... My Preciousss

Please read the title of this post out loud, as if you were Smeagol, in possession of the One Ring after stealing it from your brother.

Thank you. Consider it your birthday present to me.

For my birthday designed and made for myself (with my dad's help) some lovely spinning related tools!

The niddy noddies (the blue things) are for putting yarn into skeins, as is being demonstrated on the smaller one. I needed two sizes so I could achieve different effects when dying yarn.

The box is a lazy kate - it holds bobbins of yarn so you can ply (or weave) with multiple strands. It also is sized to hold my biggest spindle so I can wind off of it easily. I made myself 6 pvc bobbins to go with it.

Look how happy it is on my shelf! I also did some dying the other day - I'll post that next time, but there's a sneak preview on top of the lazy kate.

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