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Friday, June 18, 2010

The ugly shirt continues to provide

While I was cutting out the pieces for the baby toy in the last post I looked at my pattern pieces and thought "Hey! Looks like Legwarmies!" In saying 'legwarmies' I am not trying to be cute; it's a sweet baby leg warmer knitting pattern found here. I was about halfway through making them and they were very present on my mind because they were working up fabulously. Anyway, I decided to make some legwarmers for R. Here's what I did (you'll need an unwanted knit shirt with cuffs, or, of course, some fabric). I love the utility of this project. They make dresses possible on cold days, they don't have to come off for a diaper change, but they do come off easily if it warms up while you are out and about.

Take your 8.5 X 25.5 cm bit of cardboard from the previous project and use it to cut two pieces of knit fabric on the fold (so they are actually 17 cm wide). Cut off the cuffs of your shirt, cut the seams off, and then cut them into two. They will be folded (like they were when they were cuffs). Like this: (all these pieces are folded)

Stretch out the cuff pieces so they are the same length as the short ends of the leg warmers and sew them on, enclosed-cuff-style. I recommend lots of pins to keep everything even; the stretched cuffs can be tricksy.

You will have a little two ended sleevey thing, comme ca:

Make another and apply them to the adorable infant of your choosing. Cute poses are pretty easy to photograph, what with the proximity of sweet little baby feet. Aww....

Are you in love yet? I like that they are sort of Tim Burton-esque. I bet if Jack and Sally or Victor and Victoria had babies and put them in leg warmers, these would be the ones.

Oh, and the knitted Legwarmies are also a success.

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