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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fatherhood and Fibre

Sounds like a medical study encouraging men to eat more expensive yoghurt or something... but no. I just wanted to share the awesomeness of our Fathers' Day. J decided that the best way I could celebrate his first real Fathers' Day was to leave him at home rather than drag him out to the Victoria Fibre Festival outdoor market. So he took care of R and played video games while I spent the family fortune on yarn!

Yum! Let me present Gaia's Colours Umaj sock yarn looking good enough to eat! This amazing local fibre artist puts out some of the most beautiful colourways I have ever seen. They are everything from juicy to moody and I want them all. I also couldn't resist a skein of Tough Love sock yarn made by SweetGeorgia Yarns.

If yarn can be sexy, this one's a bona fide hottie. (And well worth her price... )

After the market, I came home and we made a delicious Fathers' Day dinner, which included my first ever successful non-boxed cake. I am exceedingly proud of myself. It was devils food with blackberries between the layers and blackberry syrup brushed over the cake, with whipped cream icing and strawberries galore. It could have been prettier, but it couldn't have been tastier, especially for my first attempt at a real grown up cake.


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