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Thursday, May 21, 2009


The weather has finally begun to move towards summer here in Victoria (conveniently, on Swiftsure weekend). Normally we are swimming in flowers even in January. I remember seeing snowdrops out on December 29th in 2007 (I'm not a freak date-rememberer, it was the day after my wedding and I was feeling particularly observant). Heck, we're such snarky bastards about it that we count our flowers in March, and then brag about it to the rest of the country.

We probably deserved to have our smug sense of superiority deflated. This year the flowers were several weeks late. I guess climate change has manifested itself in the form of icky chilly weather this year. Anyway, the way I judge the season isn't by date, but by a lovely oak tree growing outside my apartment window, right beside where we have the computer. Living in a balcony-less, street facing apartment (with cats who eat any growing thing in a pot, no matter how much I would like them not to) doesn't leave us much space for gardening, so I have to get my fix by staring at this tree. I knew spring was coming soon when I noticed little red buds on its bare branches. Soon it was covered in tiny, waxy yellow leaves. Suddenly, as if it happened overnight, my hopeful spring tree, which had so recently been a sad little winter tree, had transformed into a full blown, bright green summer tree! I think the only thing I spend more time absently staring at than this tree is my computer screen. Here's to summer!

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