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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Introduction

Hi, welcome to my blog. I'm Em. I hope you enjoy it here. This, my first post, is really just a glorified 'about me' - and therefore will take me ages to write as I try to pinpoint exactly what about me is relevant, interesting, and (most importantly, of course) likely to make me sound cool. Seriously though, here's my life story in super short form:
I'm 24, born and raised in Victoria, Canada. You may think where you live is the most beautiful place in the world but, respectfully, you're dead wrong. Victoria (and the rest of Vancouver Island) is a wonderful place to live - it's beautiful, inspiring, and not overly full of people. I have also lived in Edinburgh, Scotland (only briefly, but WOW. what a place), and in Toronto. While in Toronto I studied Fashion Design at Ryerson University. It was an eye-opening experience and allowed me a first chance to really throw myself into a creative environment (or throw myself off a creative cliff...). Alas, the trendy (sometimes judgmental) and highly stressful world of large scale fashion design was not for not-trendy (though sometimes judgmental), easily-stressed me. I left after 3 semesters and returned to beautiful Victoria to study Art History and Religious Studies.
I never lost my drive to create, however, and have continued to use my natural talents with colour and design (is that too pompous? oh well) to make (sometimes) beautiful things. I am obsessively passionate about knitting, as well as any other textile art. I love graphic design. I love to make... well... anything! My first passion is writing, and when I grow up, I would love to be a fiction writer. Hopefully keeping a blog will exercise my writing muscles, which, unfortunately, have atrophied in recent years.
Almost a year and a half ago I married a fantastic guy who, though he doesn't necessarily understand why I am so fond of making things by hand, is being wonderfully supportive of me as I try to establish a line of unique handmade items for sale. I hope to use this blog to showcase my projects (and convince you, O best beloved, to buy them ;) as well as to share some tips and inspirations. I hope you'll enjoy reading it, and more importantly learn something. I have so much respect for the bloggers out there who consistently come up with interesting, informative new offerings and enrich the craft world with their knowledge. I hope I can measure up.
Lets see... what else to say about me... Oh! I have cats. 2 of them. It'll come up. A lot. Before I got married I wanted to become a cat lady.
Well, that's about all I can think of to say about myself just now. I hope you'll keep checking back as I continue to post - I promise that it will only get better. Next time I think it will be a quick tutorial on how to make wonderful, knittable, crochetable yarn from an old T-shirt!

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