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Friday, March 14, 2014

Sewing in Spring

Go go the new blog! This one is leaving! You only have a few weeks before I stop posting here! Exclamation!!

We've been treated to an amazing week. Blue skies. Open windows. Blooming flowers. Singing birds. Yellow sunsets. Early bumblebees.

Inspired by spring's arrival, I pondered nature's awakening, revelled in the beauty of change, and marvelled at the freshness of seasonal renewal. Then I promptly moved on to more important things, like my spring/summer wardrobe. Sundresses! Floral cottons! Nautical! Folk prints! Colourblocking! YAY! Am I shallow? A bit, yeah. Bite me.

I hit a snag, however, in the form of my budget. I am trying to be fairly strict with myself these days, and giant sunshine-induced clothing splurges don't really appeal to my inner miser. "It'll be cheaper if I sew!" I thought to myself. Not cheap enough though. Desperate for some pretty new things, I did the unthinkable. I tackled my fabric stash.

First, I thought about what I wanted to wear, and spent some quality time staring at my current wardrobe. Then I went through the stash, pulling out suitable quantities of fabric and matching them with patterns.

I discovered fabric for four dresses, six tops, and two pairs of scrappy pj shorts. I bagged each item with the corresponding pattern (if I already owned it), labelled the bags, filed them, and mentally prepared myself for my least favourite sewing task - cutting.

I've cut for four garments so far, and will continue to chip away at it. With any luck I'll get some quality time with the sewing machine soon, and then I'll have pretty things to show you!

Are you doing any spring sewing? Tell me all about it!