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Monday, January 20, 2014

FO - Handspun Arbutus

I don't often spin yarn for a specific project. Sometimes I look at fibre and think "this should be a cowl" or "downs wool means socks!" But beyond that... Meh. This fibre, however, knew was going to be Jane Richmond's Arbutus cowl right away.

It's "twinklebunny" by Ixchelbunny - a blend of merino, tencel, and angora rabbit. It's lusciously soft and the colours look just like a lavender farm in summer.

I made the cowl a repeat larger than the pattern, mostly because I had lots of yarn left. It's unbelievably cozy and warm, so much so that unless we have a serious cold snap I'll barely be able to wear it.

I'm so happy with this project. It's great when something comes together exactly as planned, right from the fibre. Go me!


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