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Thursday, November 21, 2013

So Much for Selfish Knitting

I was having some stash anxiety the other day (I really want to knit it down a bit but the Christmas knitting doesn't count as real stash) so I pulled out a giant skein of bulky BFL goodness. This pretty thing is handspun singles from Hannahmin's Fibre - my booth neighbour from Fibres West last March.

At first, I knit myself a sideways triangular shawl thing in cushy garter stitch; the goal of which was to achieve maximum winter cuteness by putting giant ass pompoms on the ends. However, the yarn is hand spun and was not of the same grist throuhgout (It was intentionally thick and thin, but one end of the skein averaged a super bulky weight, the other an Aran). I thought I factored the grist change in when I was weighing the skein to find the mid point, but I failed somewhere and ran out of yarn. I began to rip it out and cast on a big squishy cowl for myself, but Rei wandered up and squeaked "Are you knitting a scarf for me!!!?"

So I did. It's a big stockinette tube with ribbing at the ends and a line of eyelets to hold a drawstring near the top. It intentionally appears to have shaping, but it is due to the gauge change in the size of the yarn. I made a drawstring for it by using a spindle to add twist to a stretch of the singles, then chain ply it, then chain ply that, creating a cabled 9ply (so much faster than an i-cord). Two enormous pompoms later and we were done!

It looks adorable on her, and the colours are much more suited to a three year old than a grown woman.

Oh, and just so you don't get the impression that she is all cute, all the time, these photos happned when I told her to look adorable. She seriously thinks this is what adorable feels like.

I just don't know...



  1. Ok, can your kiddo BE any cuter??? And either we think alike, or I'm a 4 year old too...cause I have something similar on my needles for me! I just wish I could pull off pom poms as cute as your little one can!

    1. I am feeling a painful lack of pom poms in my own life! I want some for meeeee!

  2. hahah this is so awesome! she is adorable!!! owen has requested a toque with 3 pompoms on it this winter. haha. it will be uber cute. I did manage to throw on my Hannah hat. it has a big a$$ pompom on the top. love. xo

  3. What a successful matching of yarn + project + recipient! And I love her red hair :)