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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Knit City Acquisitions

Hello my dears! I've been trying to get some blog posts down for ages, but life... it gets in the way. I've taken a position on our housing co-operative's board of directors, and I'm still re-adjusting my work/life balance. Also the Christmas knitting. Oh the knitting. And sewing. And embroidering. I'm screwed.

Anyway, my purchases on Knit City weekend ranged from pretty damned restrained to all sorts of splurgey. I was faced with so much beautiful yarn that desperately wanted to come home with me, but I've been experiencing some yarn-stash-size guilt lately and I resisted. I nearly went crazy in the Indigo Dragonfly booth, but in the end I was able to escape. I did indulge in some fibre though!

These pretty white batts from Caliope's Fibre look like sparkly decorative Christmas snow, and they have some interesting wools in them. Wensleydale! Whitefaced Woodland! I'm sensing some lace or sock weight. In their future.

I indulged in another single batt from Caliope's Fibre as well, probably for corespinning. I'm a textiles geek, and this batt has Ramie in it! Cool! Also she has a discount for sets of three, and I'm a sucker for a sale.

My only other market purchase was a little more luxurious, but oh my was it worth it! I bought 200g of 50/50 merino/yak fibre from Sweet Georgia, in this fall's sumptuous Tapestry colourway. It's almost immeasurably soft and I plan to do something really special with it. I'm thinking of separating the colours into a gradient and spinning a laceweight for the Evenstar shawl. Wouldn't that be spectacular?

My true splurge though? I went to the Fluevog store in Gastown. And I bought something. And I have never regretted a large purchase less than these gorgeous, gorgeous ankle boots. They're luscious, wonderfully comfy considering they're the highest heel I've owned that I can actually stand in (hush, I know they're not that high, but I'm unbelievably clumsy and I loathe shoe pain), and have the perfect style combination of western, equestrian, and motorcycle chic. Also I have no other black shoes. My only worry is that I've begun a very expensive shoe addiction. The service in the Gastown location was phenomenal. Go see them.

There you have it folks! Now I must resist purchases for a few months! I'm going to guess I trip up around Black Friday, but I'll do my best. Wish me luck!



  1. ummmm yah me too! holy crappers. they are gorgeous!!! xoxoxoxo

    1. Aren't they? Sometimes I pull them out of the closet just to pet them.

  2. Gasp! The Fluevog store! I've always wanted to buy something from there. Very nice purchases all around.

    1. GO THERE. DO IT. Well, when you come visit the coast again anyway. Also they are these stores, which should probably influence your moving decisions:


      537 Mt Eden Road
      Auckland, New Zealand
      09 6384577

      Old Bank Arcade, Lambton Quay, Welllington
      04 4733123

      255 George Street Dunedin
      03 479 2440

      Auckland, New Zealand

  3. Replies
    1. I'll wear them to knit night sometime so y'all can bask :)

  4. Considering the fibre fumes at Knit City, you did very, very well! Plus, comfortable, practical shoes are an investment, not a splurge, right? A downright necessity, actually!