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Saturday, June 1, 2013

More KAL Success: My Summer Snowflake

I've been having lots of fun (and only stressing myself out a little bit) doing several Knit Alongs. The first was the luvinthemommyhood Tops Tanks and Tees KAL (which I posted about a few weeks ago). Yesterday I finished my project for both of the sweater KALs hosted by the Knitgirllls Podcast and the Must Stash Podcast. I'm still playing along in the Fat Squirrel Speaks Podcast orange KAL, the Knitgirllls Stash Dash, and the Just One More Row Podcast self striping KAL. In other news, I love podcasts and KALs and you should too.

So, my sweater!

Apparently my default styling option for any outfit is "wear my duo boots and it will be awesome"

I knit a modified version of Snowflake, by Emily Wessel of the Tin Can Knits duo. I truly can not say too many nice things about this pattern. Here's a wee list:

  • It is sized for babies all the way to a 58" bust (I'm pleasingly plump at a 47" bust and epic hips, and I love that my bigger knitting gals can make this thing too).
  • The pattern is written clearly and concisely, and the layout and formatting is clear.
  • There are several photos, a schematic, a size chart, and a picture of the lace yoke being blocked flat before the rest of the sweater is added.
  • It's a simple top-down raglan, made special with lace details.
  • The models are adorable, both in the adult's and children's sizes.
  • The pattern was free because Tin Can Knits did an amazing holiday promo and gave a free pattern to everybody on the internet. Generosity and good marketing are a great pair.
  • There are instructions for optional waist shaping (which tell you how much you'll be reducing the circumference by) and optional sleeve changes.
  • Their patterns are supported by a great blog, and friendly designers who are full of web savvy.

I used my Boo! limited edition bamboo/merino blend fingering weight yarn in the Thunderhead colourway - a yummy silvery purple. I adored working with this yarn, and am happy to say that I have about 800 yards left from the dye lot to play with. I don't normally keep sweaters' worth of my own products, but this one really is a limited edition, and I absolutely can't get more. There is some in the shop still, so if you like it, get it!

I knew I wanted to do this pattern, but I really didn't need a Christmas sweater in May, so I made several modifications. I didn't do the colour block detail - instead I used a fingering weight yarn held single in the lace yoke and double in the body (to achieve the required DK weight). I knit it at a looser gauge to get the fabric I wanted for summer, and therefore had to modify for size and row gauge. I knit short sleeves and modified the neckline closure with some pyramid studs instead of buttons and button holes..

I love pyramid studs, they remind me of the days I thought I was a badass.

The fit is great, it's soft and light, and the style is perfect for summer. I am so smug. Did I mention I knit it in exactly 2 weeks? Supersmug.