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Monday, April 8, 2013

Doesn't Share Well With Others

I have this grand idea that when I finish things, I'll put them on the blog. That said, if sharing is caring then I'm a heartless bastard. So yet again, here's a big post full of all the things I forgot to show you. Handspun things this time! Beware: so many pictures ahead. If you don't like pictures of pretty yarn... Are you lost?
Corespun, from a batt by Blushing Ewe
Super bulky n-ply, "Chavalier" on Falkland from Fat Cat Knits
Shetland in "Porch Blanket" from Edgewood Garden Studio
Inglenook Fibers batt, "Camelot”
My first finished supported spindle yarn - a local alpaca/merino/tencel batt.
A crazy art batt from Spin Culture called "Firetrap"
And since I got the Lendrum just recently:
"Silver Threads Among the Gold" BFL from Edgewood Garden Studio
Merino/Silk Laceweight from Muse Fibreworks
Fabulous glitzy layered batts from Caliope's Fibre
There's more on the bobbins, but it'll have to wait!


  1. Droooooool... heartless bastard!

  2. You have done beautiful spinning! Makes me want to get back to my wheel.

    1. Thank you! You totally should spin something :D