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Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Good Mail Day

So this happened today...

Yeah that's a brand spanking new Lendrum DT
I had an opportunity to offer Hester, my lovely Fricke S160 ST, for sale to a local spinner. I took it, thinking nothing would come of it. I had, after all, been considering a new wheel for some time now. I loved the Fricke, but there were some things she just didn't do (fold for travel, potentially very high speeds, double treadle, standard orifice, non-clattery bobbins) and I figured there was a Lendrum in my distant future. Hester, however, is an impressive machine, and she captured her new owner's heart right away. And so, I bought a new wheel.

Loki is fascinated by anything that moves (and most things that don't, but might).

Also, the box is secretly a plane/car. It's nice that new wheels come in cardboard boxes - it keeps the littles distracted while you play
She's preeetty. Very pale, modern, and elegant. She needs a name that suits her svelte physique.
Surrounded by flyers!!! My happy place, for sure.

My Inglenook Fibers club shipment for February came today too. Holy crap, it's gorgeous.

I've already spun a third of a lovely braid of BFL on the new wheel, and she's totally dreamy. I'm so excited - I think I've found my forever wheel!


  1. Hooray! She's beautiful! You'll have so much fun getting to know her!

    1. You'll have to meet her soon and check out the sweet double treadle goodness!

  2. You'll love her. My DT Lendrum is named Clémentine and she's a sweetheart!

    1. Clementine is such a pretty name! Mine is still nameless, but she'll speak to me soon!