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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

State of the Stash: 2013

A new year means spring cleaning, and my favourite part of spring cleaning is airing out the stash. It is essential, particularly if you have a very large, very valuable, or very protein-fibre-based yarn stash, to get all those pretties out into the light and make sure there are no little beasties living in your precious wool.

I like to use this cleaning exercise to take a photo of the whole shebang, all laid out at once. I log every single yarn and fibre acquisition on Ravelry as it arrives, but there is such a difference between looking at those photos and getting to feel each skein, braid, and batt. I am so pleased with the stash right now. With the exception of one dingy pink ball of Knit Picks Palette (Peony, I'm looking at you, you ugly little thing), I absolutely love every single skein. I had forgotten how pleased I was with some of my handspun, and how gorgeous some of my indie sock yarns are, and how deliciously vibrant some of my spinning fibres are. Once I got it all laid out I just stood there, smiling gleefully. It's pretty. I know having a yarn stash might seem weird to some people, but to me it's glorious, rainbow coloured, squishable potential, in wooly form.

I arranged it by colour this year, which looked so pretty. For the record, our bed is a queen.

Sorry about the weird angle - it's not easy getting a decent photo!

Jake says any photo taken in a bedroom must accidentally include a large sex toy. I say he spends too much time on the  silly parts of the internet. So no. Sorry.
The entire right hand column is handspun. The next column from that is fibre, and the rest is all commercial yarn, most of it hand dyed. It all fits into two underbed bins. Um, there are some fleeces in the garage, but I'm not going outside to take pictures.

I took a panorama of the handspun and fibre too - it's pretty awesome.

Oh, and I keep my leftovers. I got rid of a few things after this picture, because nobody needs 3 yards of beige sock yarn.

Here's last year's stash post, for reference.


  1. Hahaha, what are you talking about "no one needs 3 yards of beige sock yarn"?? In 2 days, for some weird reason, you're going to need those 3 yards of beige yarn. ;P

    I love how you laid out your stash in rainbow format!! Soooo yummy! That one braid of fibre you have - the blues and greens...makes me excited in ways you probably don't want to know about! I can't wait to see that one spun up and knit with!!

    What are you going to do with your leftovers? Sock yarn I keep cause I honestly think I will finish my Beekeepers Quilt one day, but the rest...I have no clue!

    1. Do not invoke the Beige Sock Yarn Irony Gods!

      The blue and green fibre is unbelievable in person. It glows. Its gorgeous. Zebisis Designs on Etsy, if you need eye candy.

      I don't know what will happen with the leftovers. There is enough for kids' hats and even socks in some balls, but most I just can't toss because it's yarn and I love yarn! I tend to skein up sock yarn and sell it as minis at shows, but the rest.... I always tell myself it'll come in handy. It normally doesn't.