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Monday, February 25, 2013


Hey folks! I just wanted to update you with a few shop related confessions.

  1. There haven't been shop updates for the last two weeks, but I've been dyeing up a storm. Why the hoarding? Fibres West is in less than a month! I've got some really fantastic stuff to show off for the market, and a few surprises too! For all you non-southern-British-Columbian types, there will be more things in the shop soon, I promise. I haven't forgotten you, I'm just busy. Local types - pleeeease come see me there and say hi!
  2. In regards to Fibres West, I won't be bringing any self-striping yarns or batts. I'm really sorry guys, I know you love the stripeys, but they are just too time consuming to do en-masse. I'm happy to do the occasional custom order though, so hit me up with your requests! As for batts, there are some amazing batt vendors coming to the show. You will not be hurting for fluffy, sparkly, luxurious choices, I promise.
  3. There is a design in the works, and it will be published mid-March! I don't have pictures yet because I'd really like to get a haircut (or at least to dye my roots) before modelling. Yes! I think I'll model my own pattern! My adorable and gorgeous sister is a fantastic model, but I think it's my turn to step into the limelight.
  4. I can't fill any more custom orders until March 23, at the earliest. I took a last one on today, but the rest of my undyed stock has plans for itself. Fibres West again. Yeah. I'll put in a new yarn order the day I get back though! I'm so sorry - I love dyeing special requests, and I'll be back at it soon!
  5. So, right now (well, right now I'm typing, but right before that) I'm doing something crazy. I'm crocheting. With rainbow acrylic. And I'm loving it. Take my craft/yarn snob card, please. This granny square is rocking my socks. I want to make a whole blanket!

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  1. Somehow Cloverdale seems impossibly far. Any thoughts about Van Isle Fibre Fest in Campbell River in May?