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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Post Halloween Sale and Pumpkin Sharing!

First - use the code SUGARCRASH to save 20% in the shop today!

But also - my pumpkin! I carved a Batman pumpkin for Rei this year, because she dressed as the most adorable Batman ever and needed a matching gourd (obviously...)

One side:

The other side (not my best work, but whatevs):

The best part? It's hard to photograph, but you can see it a bit here: the pumpkin casts a batsignal on the wall behind it!!


  1. Great carving, and I love the bat signal!

  2. Oh my word... THIS IS SO AMAZING! I'm just chillin' in my Batman shirt and browsing your awesome blog, when BAM! I come across THIS! I'm kindaaa a Batman fanatic... :D I absolutely love this! Spectacular job!