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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale at Everything Old!

Love a deal? Feel weird about lining up in the wee hours in hopes of snagging a $10 XBox with a matching shiny black eye? I can help :)

Starting at 12:01 tonight and running through til Monday night, everything in my shop will be 20% off. Yay! Even more exciting (at least for me) is the prize draw! Each item purchased will count as an entry into a draw for a skein of yarn or a braid of fibre of my choosing, which will coordinate with the winner's purchase.

You know you want in on this guys. Hell, I want in on it, but that would be silly.

In all seriousness, supporting a local or independent businesswoman on the big corporate spendfest that is Black Friday is an awesome thing to do. It helps people like me to put food on the table and pay rent and keep the kids in appropriately sized winter coats.

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