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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Here Comes the Rain

If you're not from around here, you probably don't know it, but up until Thursday we were having a real beast of a drought. It was beautiful and sunny almost every day from late July onward: streams started drying up, fire hazards soared, and yours truly got a bit of a tan. But now, now it rains. I really looked forward to this rain, and other than the whole dog-walking thing, I'm enjoying it immensely. It does mean that I have had to make a few shop changes - in the cloudy months I can't get enough natural light in my light box to get true colours in my product photos. I've decided to just scrap the box for now, and take pictures on our back stairs. They look a little less professional, but the colour is much better and it works, rain or shine. I do have to stand with my back out of cover, which means I got sopping wet taking pictures today and the ass of my jeans is still soggy. The things I do for the love of yarn....

I got some nice rain pictures though!


  1. love the pics! i am also loving all of this rain. so cozy, and perfect knitting weather. xoxo

    1. I've definitely got an urge to cast on all the things! I blame the rain ;)