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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Summer Sweater Success!

If you'll remember, I joined luvinthemommyhood's excellent Summer Sweater Knit Along at the end of June. I decided to make Veera Valimaki's Folded Pullover, with a few mods for fit and available yardage. I used Tosh Merino Light and Gaia's Colours Mama Quilla Fingering (same base, different dyer).

It's done! Actually it was done weeks ago, but I never blogged it, because I'm lazy.

I made it with about an inch of positive ease at the bust so the pleats could flow nicely. I don't normally add ease, but I think it was the right choice in this case. It's so comfy!

The yoke is worked according to the spirit of the pattern - the stripes are my own addition, and the short rows and rate of decreases are significantly modified to work with my row gauge. I am big on stitch gauge but I don't bother with row gauge all that much. Knitting doesn't go so fast that you can't pay attention and modify as you go, should you need to.

I LOVED the yarn. I was concerned that making a sweater out of a singles yarn would be a stupid idea - it usually is - but I was very pleasantly surprised. I've worn the sweater three times and haven't had a single noticeable pill. I'm sure it will pill eventually, but still, that's damn good work for a singles. The fabric is light, soft, and has a smooth drape with a slightly crunchy feel. It's great. I can't wait to knit my other skein of Tosh Merino Light as a shawl!


  1. Gorgeous, Em!
    The sweater looks really good on you. I love the colours!

  2. you've done a beautiful job! i want to knit folded now... xo

  3. Such a nice sweater! I want one, please.


  4. You're so nice!
    Sweet sweater. I love how it fits. You're great!