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Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Latest Handspun, and Hey, What about the Tour de Fleece??

The main reason I have been such a delinquent blogger over the past month is the Tour de Fleece. Now normally, in a spin-along, one would make effort to share one's progress. Well one would if one hadn't chosen an enormous goal and therefore one desperately needed every moment of one's spare time just to complete it. Not that I would know anything about that. Nope.

But I spun for a freaking sweater people!!! I decided that my gorgeous Romney fleece that I purchased last October really needed to be a beautiful natural grey sweater. So I flicked locks and carded and flicked locks and carded and then some more of that and then carded some more, and prepped gorgeous floofy Romney batts, then spun a semi-worsted style worsted weight three-ply. Two POUNDS of it. It never ended, and then all of a sudden it did. Thank the spinning gods for storage bobbins and cool weather. I got over 1800 yards, which is more than enough to make a Girl Friday cardigan, or something similar. I want something oversized and cozy that I can layer on top of other things.

It was totally worth it and I'll definitely be spinning from fleece for sweaters again. The natural colour really bored me though. I'll dye the wool next time (I already have a white fleece washed and waiting!).


And because everyone likes pictures of my handspun (Right...? Guys...? You still here?), here are a few of June's notable skeins:

Polwarth in Ablaone by Unwind Yarn Company. I've got a beautiful FO to show you in this yarn. (7.6oz, 3-ply, dk-worsted, 585yd)

Desert Dawn, from a Loop Bullseye Bump (6.2oz, n-ply, fingering weight, 694yd)

Suffolk/Southdown from Hummingbee Farms in Purple Bomb. I did a terrible job spinning this (troubleshooting a wheel) but it is the loftiest, softiest, spongiest thing ever and the colourway is killer. I'll likely be buyng more of this roving to give it another shot.

I'll be back soon with more pretty things to show you!


  1. I LOVE that gray yarn! You did a super job!!


  2. Great spinning! I love the grey yarn. After reading your post, I think I'll sit and spin today!

  3. That Desert Dawn colourway has me drooling! Gorgeous!!! I want to learn how to spin too now :(

  4. Thanks guys :)Spinning is the best addiction, I think!

    Melissa - JUST DO IT! I'LL ENABLE YOU ;)