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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Knitting Along

Do you join in on KAL's? CAL's? SAL's? SALKAL's? In other, more intelligible words, do you participate in craft-alongs?

I do, and I don't. I look forward to the Tour de Fleece from the day the previous one ends, and my favourite Ravelry spinning group has a great spin-along, also know as the asskick club, to help everyone accomplish goals. But knit-alongs? Not so much. Except this one.


Shannon of luvinthemommyhood hosts the best knit-alongs. I watch them all from the sidelines but don't join in, because I'm dull that way. I don't know how I missed the fact that she had her Summer Sweater Knit-Along planned, but it popped up in my facebook feed today and I want to join! I happened to cast on a sweater after midnight last night, and today is cast-on day. Serendipity!

I'm making Veera Valimaki's Folded, using Tosh Merino Light in Amber Trinket as the contrast colour to Gaia's Colours Mama Quilla Fingering (same base!) in a fantastic purple. It was originally a beautiful neon-lilac, but apparently that colour makes me look like death. I overdyed it to what I am calling "Electric Aubergine"

Look! Proto-Sweater!

So, if KAL's are your bag (apparently for once they are mine), join the fun!


  1. Yay! So happy you're gonna join us. I love the Summer Sweater KAL, it really helps me to actually finish projects :)

    You certainly get to work with some yummy yarn. I love purple but don't wear it all that often. Good luck. Excited to see your progress :)

  2. uhh you cast on at midnight and you're already that far?! looove it! xo

  3. Ummmm..can we say fate!!!!! Wowsa! Love that you joined in hun! I cannot wait to see your folded done in that color! Awesome!!!

    Hope to see you this summer at Fibrations :)

  4. Yay for Serendipity! And yay for diving in and joining the KAL. My first KAL was with this same group and now I join all of Shannon's KALs, despite my dislike of knitting deadlines. She just makes it so much fun, as do all the other lovely ladies.

  5. This is my first KAL too! I'm so glad that I'm not the only newb. Only issue is I still haven't received my yarn so now I'm itching to start like crazy AND I have to catch up. Oh and I LOVE your colour choice - it's very similar to mine. Haha.