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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

FO Parade: Vanille Socks

Did you know that up until I finished these socks, I had never knit a plain stockinette sock before? I like a challenge when I knit, but with these I wanted a simple project that could live in my purse. I made up the pattern as I went along, but really it's just a stockinette cuff down sock (I'll publish it as a free pattern once I tweak it a bit and maybe add a bit of a design or something so they're not just another vanilla sock - blog readers will be the first to know I promise ;).

The yarn was Nestucca Bay Yarns Frothy, a sport weight superwash Merino. The colourway, Aurora, pooled into delicious purple and lime stripes. I love the way these socks look!

Rei is hard to keep out of pictures these days - there's almost always some little bit of her sneaking in. Little feet are so cute though.

I came so shockingly close to running out of yarn on these - see that little pile of ends below? That's all I had left. Very close I tell you.



  1. Delicious colours! Some sock yarn look better in plain stockinette as do these.

  2. The colors pooled perfectly, love plain socks:) actually I plan of one pair of plain socks with the yarn I got from you!!

    Cute wee toes too, my boys always cameo in my fo pics too;)