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Friday, February 10, 2012

Everything Old Update: A New Yarn Base (for your squishing and stashing pleasure)

Hey everyone! Today's update is an exciting one because it is entirely made up of an all new yarn! I've named this base Lively, because it's sproingy, ever so slightly energized, and really zings when it's dyed. I love it. Check out the velvety texture:

That's a 4x2 cabled 8ply right there - it's so round and squooshy! Durable too - the general rule is that more plies = sturdier string. 8 is a lot of plies.
It's a sport weight, which is perfect for socks, sweaters, and baby clothes. I decided to add a sport weight to the roster because every time I go through my Rav queue for a new sweater project, that's all I seem to find! It's very popular with designers right now, and I can totally see why. I love that it's fine enough to look professional and flattering in just about any pattern, but knits up faster than fingering weight, which is great if, like me, you have to knit several square miles of sweater to get a good fit!

MOAR PICTURES! All feature my new yarn bowl, which is gorgeous but you'll have to wait til my next post to see it in detail...

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