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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow, Manic Knittage, and Stash Enhancement

It's snowy here today. Now you may be thinking "Hey, you live in Canada! It's snowy there all year! Always winter and never Christmas amirite?" but that's just not Victoria. In fact over the past three days we've had the first snow of winter. It's pretty. It makes me miss living out east, where the snow sticks around all winter and you can bask in bright sun while crunching through a foot of snow in your Sorels.

Rather than play in the snow, which we got our fill of yesterday, Rei and I had a quiet day inside. Why? Because yesterday I decided she needed a handknit sweater to wear to have her photo taken. Tomorrow. So I've been knitting all day, and all evening yesterday. This is not to say I've been a neglectful parent, wife, or business woman - I've also made tasty dinners, baked bread, given myself a bit of a (bad) haircut, washed half a fleece, processed shop orders, and just generally been awesome. But there has been a LOT of knitting. I'm knitting the collar and button band of the Little Montoya cardigan by Kate Jackson. It's a darling little sweater and I've enjoyed making it (although a sweater that is of novice difficulty, at most, should not require intermediate to advanced pattern-reading skills. Especially not for $6). I don't have a progress pic for you, but I did throw a sleeve in the snow to catch a few snowflakes.

The other nice thing about today was the arrival of a package from Fat Cat Knits, one of my favourite dyers. These were a gift from my family-in-law this Christmas. They are awfully good to me.

It's been a good sort of day.


  1. I like how the very day you post about how you miss the snow out east, it pisses rain here :)


  2. grr...I feel the same way about paid patterns. I'll forgive some scant details at the $3 level, but not at $6, especially when there are so many excellent free patterns out there. Maybe that's why there are so few of these on Rav? Great colour, and get out there and play in the snow!