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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Come play with Everything Old yarn in person at Fibrations!

So, part of the reason my blogging schedule has been all but forgotten is that I've been working like mad to get ready to be one of the vendors at Victoria's newest fibre arts festival; Fibrations! I am so excited about this event, for so many reasons!

 * There will be a really varied and interesting marketplace, with yarn and fibre, handmade toys, wearable items, and so much more.

 * Demonstrations! There are going to be several different arts on display, and knowledgeable people to teach you how to do them. I'm excited, again, by the variety of skills that people are generously sharing.

 * Prizes! The Loonie/Toonie Auction is an awesome little raffle with beautiful fibre arts related prizes. Tickets are cheap, and you can 'bid' on the items you would like to have.

 * The community is really coming together for this. All the organizing work is volunteered. The organizers and other volunteers are working so hard to give textile artists and other fibery people the opportunity to share their love of their craft with each other and with the public.

Also, it's the first time I'll be selling my yarn, fibre and accessories (and maybe a few surprises) face to face. I'm so excited, and a little nervous. It's the first day of kindergarten all over again - what if nobody likes me??

Do you want to see what I'm donating to the auction?

It started as this merino/silk blend in my 'Morrigan' colourway:

I divided it by colour using the 'pseudo-rolag' technique, which by the way, was awesome:

I spun it long draw, then plied it with thread and (if my calculations are correct, I didn't actually count) about 1200 beads to become this enormous 425 yard lofty sport weight skein:

And it's teamed up with a bag and stitch markers:

If you come to Fibrations, at St. Ann's Academy Orchard on August 21, you could win it for $2. Sound like a plan?

I'll be crazy busy until then, so I hope you'll forgive me while I prepare for this fantastic event.


  1. Hi Emma, I was the very, very lucky winner of your GORGEOUS skein of hand dyed and hand spun yarn...I am so thrilled!!! I can't wait to make my self something beautiful...perhaps a cowl....Thank you so much for such a great donation! I look forward to seeing more of your yarn on ArtFire!

  2. I am so happy that you love it Wendy! I enjoyed spinning it. Thanks so much for supporting Fibrations with your Loonie Toonie ticket purchases :) I can hardly wait til next year when hopefully they have it again!