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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Handspun - Lornas Lace's Shepherd Wool Top

I keep forgetting to show off these yarn pics, which is silly because I think this is my favourite hand spin yet.

The fibre was Lorna's Laces  Shepherd Wool Top, in the Montrose colourway. It was very nice to work with. My only complaint is that the braid was 0.6 ounces short of the advertised 5 ounces. However I bought it when I was visiting family, and it would be more trouble than it's worth to complain to the store. YOU OWE ME 17 GRAMS OF MERINO!!! yeah... that won't make me sound like a crazy person...

The final skein is 416 yards and 4.4 ounces of fingering to sport weight superwash merino. When I get a chance, I'll be making a Multnomah shawl out of it, I think - the stripey natural colours and slightly uneven yarn just call out for that pattern.

That skein is almost as big as my upper arm, and I don't have dainty little lady arms either. It's a fractal spun 2 ply and it should stripe up in all sorts of interesting ways. This is the softest, squooshiest yarn I've ever owned and I just love how lofty it is.

The second bobbin had waaayyyy more yardage than the first despite being the same weight of fibre, which means a bit of the skein is just plied back on itself. I'm not too bothered by this because it is proof that I'm learning to spin a less dense single.

I may need to pull out my stash box and cuddle this yarn a bit - I'm working on an incredibly slow super fine single right now that I want to chain ply, and it's taking for-bloody-ever. I need reassurance that one day it too will be lovely.

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