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Monday, March 14, 2011

Felt Good

I finished my first felted bag! I used to think felting was kind of... I don't know... tacky? I was wrong. It's awesome. I think the transformation is the best part - this giant, floppy, knitted thing becomes this thick, sturdy, solid piece of fabric.

I used the Kalahari Tote pattern from Interweave Knits Summer 2009, but with my own colours. Mine is much more a purse than a tote, possibly because I used slightly smaller needles.

The handles are from JoAnne fabrics, as is the magnetic clasp.

I lined it with some quilting cotton that I like to call 'retro vortex of awesomeness.' I should've been a little bit tidier with the hand stitching, but I'm a lot less fussy about that sort of thing if I know something is for me.

Doesn't it look like a solid piece of wool? Amazing!

Before felting
After felting

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  1. Oh wow...I am blown away by your work, yet again! Looks so trendy...right down to the lining!