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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Garden Update

Remember how my garden looked a little while ago? All scary and bleak and both empty and overgrown all at once is how it looked thankyouverymuch. I will now overload you with pictures, proving two things: that I love my camera no matter how old and banged up it is, and that my garden is now a very pleasant little place.

Check it out now! There's the main patio area:

The tree and flowerbed:

The cool pot with lots of lovely things in it:

And the bottom garden, of which I have no nice photos. But it's pretty!
It has fuchsias,

Some blue corydalis,

And a columbine that refused to bloom for ages and suddenly, months after its season ended, came out in flowers! I think it was supposed to be pink and white, but I'll take whatever it gives me. I'm just happy it bloomed at all.

All I need is a patio set so I can sit out there to enjoy it all, and I`m happy!

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