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Friday, February 19, 2010



R was born on January 25th. She's pretty small - 6 lbs 14 oz at birth but growing well - and has the cutest copper coloured hair. She's a very pretty baby (and hardly looks like a little old man at all), but isn't terribly photogenic as she's fond of making strange faces.

...Thus I have been too bloody busy to blog. How do they take up so much of your time? Especially when they aren't doing anything in particular? I could spend a whole day just staring at her and cuddling her - I don't even notice the time flying by. Well, until I get hungry and then suddenly realize that it's 3 pm and, though I have been peed and pooped on 2 or 3 times, I haven't had breakfast.

I wouldn't be surprised if everything I post for a while is baby-related. Hope that's ok! Just before R arrived I went into full out nesting mode. They should make a TV show called "When Crafters Nest" - it could be a scary nature show with lots of jiggly camera movement and close up shots of wild-eyed pregnant women churning out hundreds of little crafty projects... Ok so maybe not. Within a few days I had made the pattern for and sewed 3 sleep sacks (based... well ripped off... from the style of a Halo Sleep Sack), a blanket, curtains for R's room, a matching bed skirt for the crib, recycled burp cloths (tutorial to come), and 2 knitted baby sweaters, with 2 matching pairs of knitted baby booties. I also made a floral mobile to hang above the crib, but there were a few major setbacks with that (the cat ate the fishing line I strung it with... never leave finished projects in reach of cats). Once I re-string it I will finish taking pictures and do a tutorial.

I love making baby things - they're so small that they hardly take any time!


Here's another baby picture for good measure! She's almost 2 days old in this one, getting ready to come home from the hospital. Cute! I love this little kid so much. She's unbelievably sweet. We are so lucky to have her.


  1. Hi Emma,

    I clicked your link on the FMHW blog. (I post there as Zaissa, but I am actually an Emma too ;) I just wanted to tell you I love your "About Me" section blurb, and since you hate men's deoderant ads, I could not resist making you aware of this one (incase your are not):

    See you on FMHW! (your baby is beautiful)

  2. Ha! I have to admit, that one is pretty funny :)

    Thanks for stopping by Zaissa - I love your comments on FMH