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Friday, December 11, 2009

So I Lied

I said I'd be posting more but the evidence suggests I am a liar.

In my favour, we found out shortly after the last post that we were accepted into a housing co-op that we had been hoping to get into for ages. So, the last weeks have been spent moving. I actually sort of like moving - I love the chance it gives you to go through everything and see what you have and de-clutter. I think I am the opposite of a hoarder - I get rid of everything I might not need, and then I ALWAYS need it later. Oh well, It gives me the mental workout of finding creative solutions for not having the things I need. Right? Yep.

So, I love this new place. J measures floorplans of houses for a living and he deduced that we have actually doubled our living space in this new home. We have a room for the baby, a dining area, so much kitchen storage, an outdoor storage room, and, I think best of all, a little patio with a garden plot! Come spring I will no doubt be posting the great backyard revamp (currently it is covered in moss, overgrown with plants that I hate, and generally a little inhospitable).

One thing I do miss, however, is the space the old kitchen had for spices. In memoriam, I shall post photos of my old spice-space. It was my domestic pride and joy. My little spice racks are still out though, which is some consolation.



The bottles are old chemical supply bottles that my dad acquired from the high school lab where he used to teach chemistry. If you are able to find things like this, I strongly recommend replacing the corks. You never know what was in an old bottle and you really don't want to eat some of it. New corks can be purchased at hardware stores, generally in the aisle of bulk bits-and-bobs. Be prepared for a shock, those things cost a FORTUNE.

I labelled my spices by choosing a nice font and colour and printing up a list of what I needed. I then stuck double sided mounting tape (the foam stuff) on the back of the paper where the words were, cut them out, peeled the other side off the tape, and stuck them on the bottles. Not very tricky eh? Thin double-sided tape would work just as well and probably get less damage over time (as it wouldn't catch on things), but I like the way the mounting tape looks. It is a great way to make labels if you haven't been blessed with one of those wicked labelling gadgets. Very cheap and easy.

RIP old spice display...
It's actually better for many of the spices to stay out of the light anyway, so my cupboard isn't all that bad, I guess.

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  1. I love your blog Em, and these bottles too.