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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Holy Cow

How time flies!

First we lost our computer and then I wasn't feeling up to using the new one, namely because I am pregnant! Morning (psh... all day) sickness made me far too dizzy to look at my monitor for more than five minutes, but I have been much better recently and it is all so worth it. Our little one is due at the end of January and we are so excited.
She's a girl, unless she's a boy who very much likes to hide his parts (and have YOU ever met a boy who wasn't happy to show off his equipment?), which is awesome because sewing and knitting (and yes, even shopping) for girl babies is WAY more fun.
We can hardly wait to meet her!

I will be doing my best to get the blog back going as of now! Check back for a few recipes and other cool stuff :)

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